Letter To My Readers

You are here for a reason. I trust God to give you what you need and if there’s anything I’ve written that is untruth I ask that He protect you from being misled. Neither I, nor anyone else speaks for AA. The truth of the AA program as Bill W got it from God has given me freedom and a way of life that surpasses all I could have imagined. I believe that some of us need a manual to help us live this life and that Bill W was used by God to supply alcoholics with just that. As with any truth that is based on Biblical principles, the AA manual can benefit anyone. It’s a simple path leading to a serene life–the Good Life.

Being a teacher and a trainer for most of my life, I have a heart for people who struggle. Me too. I’ve always struggled. Therefore, I share the 12 Steps as I’ve understood them and worked them. I try to dig down to the basics. I ask, What’s before that? What’s really the basic idea? What’s simpler? That’s what I write about – the cleanest, most elemental Step work as I understand it and practice it in my own recovery. The work is fluid because I’ll always be learning. Where I learn, I share. It’s what I do.

Take what works for you; leave the rest. The program of AA is a stand-alone concept as presented in the Alcoholics Anonymous textbook. I use the supplemental Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions to flesh out the thinking of the founders of AA, but it is not a guide to taking the 12 Steps. As a typical alcoholic, I find I naturally tend to elaborate, complicate and ad-lib. Part of my recovery work involves recognizing that this is not an easy program, but it is a simple one. Simple. That’s the goal of GoodLife and the goal for me as I live the rest of my life alcohol-free.

The GoodLife community includes ACOAs, Al-Anons and just plain folks looking for ways to help addicts or searching for their own answers to painful questions. In fact, we’re all addicted to our own way of thinking! The solutions in the program could benefit anyone.