Navigating LIfe’s Difficulties:The Next Two Turns

My son has owned an independent trucking business for several years. He started it before GPS was commonly available. Knowing I struggle with navigation, he gave me a piece of advice that I apply nearly every day—even when I’m not in the car! I can still hear him.

It’s simple, Mom. You know where you are and where you want to go, so just take out the map and look for the next two turns. Write down those two turns. Tape the note on the dash and when you’ve gone that far, just pull over and do it again. You can get all the way across the country doing that and it’s never hard. Just know the next two turns!

It’s become a mantra, Just know the next two turns. I’ve shared this principle with everyone who struggles with navigating through the difficulties of life. No matter what is ahead, you only need to know the next two turns.

I used to agonize over knowing what was going to happen in my life. Where will I be next year? Where do I want to be 5 years from now? I’m naturally drawn to setting goals, organizing and planning; because, of course, as an alcoholic I crave control. But control isn’t really good for me. The more I demand, the sicker I am. It’s actually a good assessment of how I’m doing. Demanding control? If I’m not doing well it’s time to work harder on my AA program and look at my spiritual life.

I just talked to a friend who is living with mass confusion. She’s tired of being whip-lashed by her dry drunk husband. One moment he wants to fix her breakfast before church and the next he’s wanting to take their vacations separately. Should she keep up the good wife role or just ask him to leave? How does she know what to do?

No one can tell her that. She can either call a trusted friend from Al-Anon who has been down this road or go to a morning meeting. She will need to choose. That’s the next right thing to do. She has to go to work at noon. That’s the second turn. That’s all she needs to know for the morning. Decide and tape it to the dash. God isn’t Google Maps, giving us the whole turn-by-turn direction from here to there when we’re trusting Him to guide our lives. My guess is that we aren’t equipped emotionally to handle seeing that much. But we can trust Him to guide us in His timing if we ask. When we’ve made the two turns then just pull over and do it again.

We trust infinite God rather than our finite selves ~ AA p 68.

Just know the next two turns works for me. It works for my friends, as well. If do the next right thing is AA 101, know the next two turns is AA level 200. Given my control issues, I was never going to figure it out on my own. I had to learn it from my son.