Unhappiness: Part 1 The Way Out

Today I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I give credit to the AA program and how it gave me a way to turn my life over to God. Even more amazing is that if I wake up tomorrow and feel unhappy, I know what I can do about it and what I can’t do.


  • read from my AA book or other inspirational books.
  • call my sponsor or other trusted friend from AA
  • reach out to someone hurting
  • pause and say the serenity prayer
  • list the things I’m grateful for today
  • walk for 20 minutes in the dratted, droughted Texas heat and find gratitude for airconditioning
  • organize or clean (both make me happier)
  • grab my colored pencils and color a page in my book
  • pray for someone that needs encouraging
  • write a note to someone who has helped me and thank them
  • study the 12×12 and isolate the step that has my answer for unhappiness
  • work on one of the steps and focus on the solutions to self-centeredness
  • journal about what is in my head and get it out of me then find a solution

5 years ago I didn’t know anything to do but pray to God and ask Him to take away my unhappiness or grab my Bible and read a passage I loved. Many times that worked, but often it did not. What I wanted was for God to solve my unhappiness. When that didn’t happen I did a number of things that made me feel worse! This is now the list of things I cannot do when unhappy.


  • grab a glass of wine or a snifter of Courvoisier
  • call someone to whine about how my life is in the toilet
  • hide in my house not answering my phone or doorbell
  • make a list of all the things I wanted in life that have not happened
  • escape with a chick flick movie and get drunk
  • go to a bar, watch people get loopy and feel superior because I only do that at home
  • blame everyone else in my life for not being who I want them to be
  • point to my past and blame my unhappiness on what happened in my ‘dark ages’
  • sit and wallow while listening to music that is going to make me tank further
  • look at pictures or memorabilia that makes me nostalgic and yearn for the days gone by
  • call someone who will sympathize with me and encourage my wallowing

Tomorrow I will take a closer look at focusing on the solution instead of the problem.