Know This

I’m a recovered alcoholic, living full-time in an RV and have a bread machine in the Jeep. Why would anyone listen to me?

Everything I’ve studied about blogging and writing in general tells me that I should write what I know. How does that work when I know less than I knew at 25? I was so sure of what I knew then. Now I have fewer answers and more questions. My spiritual life is rich but things are less black and white—more of life is gray.

And people who have all the answers now scare me. Oops, I guess I was one of those. Looking back, I realize it’s not the first time I’ve scared myself. So what if I don’t have all the answers anymore?

In fact, many of those answers I had were to questions I didn’t need to be asking.

God seems to have been providing answers that fit my problems when I finally slowed down enough to live sanely and had the presence of mind to start asking Him.

This All I Need To Know post asks a good question. I keep coming back to it and wondering what other people would say, so now I’m asking the question of the GoodLife Group:

What truths keep you anchored? Let’s shoot for 3.

Mine are:

  1. My Higher Power loves me
  2. I can trust Him
  3. Life is short