My Lower Power

I don’t feel like writing today so I’m going to. I’m going to write. I didn’t feel like walking this morning either, so I did. I walked.

I’ve been doing things I don’t want to do since I got involved in AA. It’s the program of ‘doing the next right thing’, after all. I have an inner whiner that complains on a regular basis, but I usually silence her with action. I can’t listen to her very long or I’ll start to obey her.

She’s the voice of my Lower Power. She wheedles, cajoles, begs and even tries logic once in a while—whatever it takes to get my attention and stop my progress. (Ex: You’ve been without a drink for almost 5 years, now. You can have just one!)

My Higher Power, whom I call God, is loving and constantly wanting to shed light on my life and in my heart. He doesn’t debate. He just is.

He doesn’t try to convince me to do the next right thing. I either do it, or I don’t. Up to me. He created me with a free will and a working mind. When the two are aligned with His truth, I do the next right thing and move towards a happy and joyous life.

We are sure God wants us to be happy, joyous and free. ~Alcoholics Anonymous, 2011 p 133

The AA program of the Twelve Steps is amazingly simple–too simple for any genius who wants to play God. I wasn’t even aware my of doing that before AA. I was living my life in desperation, trying to make it work out the way I wanted it to. As a practicing alcoholic, I was suicidal and praying constantly. Does that make sense? Happens all the time.

We could actually have earnest religious beliefs which remained barren because we were still trying to play God ourselves. ~ Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, 2011 p 72

What I didn’t know was that I needed to pray for His will, not mine. I had to stop listening to my Lower Power when praying. Amazing!

Do the next right thing. Simple, unless you’re a genius.