A Brain Reboot for the Venomous Virus

Sometimes my brain needs a ‘reboot’, does yours? It gets lazy or hazy and pretty soon it’s just plain crazy. I’m no longer functioning. That’s when I need a reboot. I’ve got several phrases that help me. Without them, I can succumb to the mind-numbing venom that grows like wild yeast from my years of wrong thinking. Maybe in computer terms, it’s like the Virus of Venom attacks and takes over. Before long, I’m shut down.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m shut down, I start looking for a little comfort, a little numbing substance… like an overdose on carbs, at the very least and at the worst, I start to romanticize all the crazy behavior that qualifies me for recovery.

With an eye towards what helps, not hinders, I’ll focus on the phrases. It’s best not to squat in the problems. Here are my solutions:

  • I love you, Lord.
  • I’m OK. I’m OK.
  • Thank you for this.
  • Show me your will.

I Love You, Lord is a phrase that I use in meditation a lot. It calms the chatter in my brain. I can’t explain the peace it brings, but it does. I believe I’m here to have a real relationship with my God. I make it a habit to tell everyone who’s important to me that I love them and to say it often.

I’m OK. I’m OK. This one I apply when I’m upset or preoccupied (sounds so much better than obsessive, don’t you think?) I learned this one in a dentist chair. It helped me not to guess how bad the next needle would feel. I focused on that very moment only. Broken record. Saying it over and over helped me realize the truth. Nope. Didn’t help with the bill and I had to have the crown redone and pay for someone else to do it right, but by golly I got through that nightmare and this is what I learned. It cost me thousands, but you can have it for free!

Thank You For This. This little phrase is from Brother Lawrence’s Practicing the Presence of God. I first applied it to the fear of dropping the 5th wheel on my dually pickup bed again. Did it work? You bet. I had every reason to fear a re-occurrence after it dropped the second time and bent the tail gate to pieces. But the fear lessened over time. I just kept thanking God for what He was giving me. You know: lessons in accepting His grace, a chance to trust Him, practice that would lead to doing it right and the opportunity to have these ‘sober’ problems in the first place. Once I could thank Him sincerely for the scary things, gratitude flowed really freely. It lightened my load immensely, just by saying this phrase whenever fear gripped me.

Your Will Not Mine/Next Right Thing. I make it routine to say this while I throw the covers off my feet and rise to another day. I ask for His will instead of making a mental Do List. The Do List was ego driven. This prayer is the best thing I do for myself and others. I usually wait until I feel direction about the NRT (next right thing) then add another request for: strength, comfort, courage or wisdom. Even if I can tell what He would have me do, it doesn’t mean I don’t need His help getting it done.

So, this little list of phrases address my particular Venom Virus evidenced by brain chatter, obsessions, fear and ego driven busy-ness.

Take your pick! Reboot!