Hanging on Step 11: Hook 1, Prayer and Meditation

Step 11 begins:

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God…


Therefore, my question from the intro:

What exactly is my conscious contact with God?

How do I consciously, or intentionally, choose to connect with my God? This 11th Step suggests praying or meditating by choice, not randomly, occasionally, or haphazardly but with the motivation of seeking. 

Furthermore, the methods named are specifically prayer and meditation. My working definition is that prayer involves using my mind to communicate with words; while meditation involves listening with my heart and receiving, instead of speaking.

As a child, God was my internal, constant companion. Sometimes we were outside in the woods, in a tree, or on a sunny step. Sometimes in a closet behind clothes, or in front of my record player on the floor, or in Grandma’s attic. When I played by myself, I would talk to God about stuff and I would just sit in silence and BE with God. Hmmm.

Now how do I intentionally talk to God?

Now how do I choose to listen to God?