Heidi HO

I finished reading the AA book during the first week of attending meetings. My copy was a gift from Steve, who generously bought it for me and promptly said, I’ll probably never see you again, but it’s what I do. I give books to beginners and hope it makes a difference to someone.

Difference? Like a compass needle slamming from South to North, my life has turned from disaster and depression to hope and gratitude! I only look back in order to remember how difficult it is to find serenity and direction when first sober.

Looking toward a sober future

I love the AA book and feel that, though “meeting makers make it” is a popular slogan, it’s the 12 Steps and the resulting spiritual growth I experienced that changed my life for the better. For some, the fellowship is enough but not for me. I was fortunate, however, to have become sober in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where AA is solid and support is amazing. Since then, I’ve lived in California, Oregon, and Texas. There’s no place like home has meaning for me when I reflect on my 7:30 and 9:00 home groups upstairs at the Fellowship Club beside the Dairy Queen on 1st Ave.

I am blessed to be living a life that could not have happened while I was drowning my hopes and assets with booze.

PS: I don’t speak for AA, but only speak to my experience with AA and the wonderful change that has resulted in my life as a result of the 12 Step program. One of the biggest blessings that I’ve received from being in recovery is that I have learned from the Old Timers to be OK with people disagreeing with me occasionally–  or often! Honestly, sometimes I don’t totally agree with me by the time a post gets published. The wonderful thing about this organization is that you and I can be equally passionate, can robustly disagree, and I can still stay not only in the program but in sobriety. As long as neither of us crashes over it, we are no worse off and may down the road move closer to the same truths. So, for all my posts and ramblings, take what helps, dismiss what doesn’t and my prayers will be answered.