Take The Steps for Your Emotional Health


The 12 Steps are for all of us, or at least for those of us who don’t think we’re already perfect, thank you very much.  Being human qualifies you. For that reason, there is a version of the 12 Steps using general language instead of addiction language. I suspect the reason for that is obvious. While we may not be addicted to a substance, we all are addicted to some degree to one thing: our way of thinking!

That viewpoint (your view from your point of reference and experience thus far) isn’t as perfect as it seems. If this is something people are trying to tell you, then maybe you haven’t stumbled onto this post by chance. Do you seem to be trying to arrange, explain, protect, and hold together more than the average person should have to?

Greater amounts of stress and a feeling of “I can’t take much more” makes our lives feel unmanageable. As with other addictions, pain is the motivator for change. If you want to change the way you react to life and uncover the joy that you lost a long time ago… why not give this a try?

Recovering from a single viewpoint and learning some basic life skills might just change your life as drastically as it has changed millions of other people’s lives, including mine.

Starting the recovery process, in that case, is simple. It’s not easy, though. It requires a lot of insight, hard emotional work, and a wise mentor.

Step 1We admitted we were powerless over ourselves – that our lives had become unmanageable


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