Put Your Big Boots On!



What do I tell myself when I get mucked in fear?  I take a deep breath…

Suck it up & put my Big Boots on!

This fall, I couldn’t find a muscle guy to chop my wood. My brother texted me and told me to quit being such a wuss! (I’m 64, isn’t that the legal age for wussy?)

A short bio of my brother would scare most people, so I’ll just say we come from a questionable line of vigilantes and hillbillies. Conjure up your best visual of WILD and you got it. When he speaks, I listen.

So, he gave me detailed orders for how to pick out an axe, deal with wood hacks, find a local chopping mentor, and…I was getting psyched. But, first shuck the Oregon hippy sandals- get some boots!

2 days later I had everything ready. Above is the picture I texted him.

This is what I’m talking about… GET YOUR BIG BOOTS on and stop being a wuss about the Step work. (I say that with love.) Scrunch up your guts and take the first baby step in doing the Fourth!

Baby Stepping Fourth: Day 1 Getting Ready (take me there even if I’m scared)