The Real AA: Chris and Myers R

Recovered Way Of Life  by Chris R

It’s Ok to Be Excited About Recovery

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Chris R and Myers R Sponsorship Talk




If you want to know what the PROGRAM of AA really is, give these guys a listen. They have sponsored hundreds of alcoholics by the AA textbook guidelines. In some areas of the country, AA meetings are so diluted, they are nearly unrecognizable.

I don’t think many people can listen to them and remain unchanged. Chris R’s AA speaker tapes are among the top-most downloaded in the world. Find out why.

 WARNING: If you don’t want to know what the AA textbook says, please expect to be irritated. After that, however, if you keep listening, you may become convinced to be one of us.  (And I don’t just mean Oregonians, although we are.) I for one, am pumped about returning to AA meetings, not AA therapy.