“These are the only genuine ideas, the ideas of the shipwrecked. All the rest is rhetoric, posturing, farce.” — Jose Ortega y Gasset

As a recovered evangelical, alcoholic, and type A individual, I am grateful for being shipwrecked. I ran aground in 2007 while sailing around the country teaching conflict management and leadership skills. Posturing. But I was so unaware of my true self and the state of my soul, my head and my body that I was shocked to find myself grounded!

As an alcoholic, I crawled into AA and discovered that the Biblical truths that I had carried around in my head after years of memory and study of subtext, were very simply laid out in Bill W’s 12 Step program. The difference between my current companions on the sandbar and my past cohorts at church was shocking. Alcoholics in recovery have no patience for the self-destructive farce of pretense.

It’s energizing to share genuine ideas around a table with people who not only welcome change but are willing to be accountable to each other.  We’ve already been to hell. We aren’t trying to avoid it any longer. We want all the heaven on earth that’s possible now! We’re done with posturing and rhetoric.