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Step 8: Amends Preparation Part 2 - “A good fight first thing in the morning gets my blood going!”
Forgiveness: One Weird Old Tip - If rejection were a mask it would be cruel, soulless and rigid: dead eyes and a mouth locked into a sneer.
Love means… - I remember the movie and I remember the incredibly sad scene where Jenny lies dying in the hospital. Then the encounter with Oliver and his father where he quotes Jenny and says, Love means never having to say you're sorry. Does it?
Step 9: Your Enemy - Now for the difficult person on your list. You know, the one that you think of as toxic waste in human clothing?
Step 9: Part 1 The Cure for Remorse - My step 9 destiny all started when I was born with red hair.
Step 9: Thunder - The program works. It really does. It works even when I'm not doing it perfectly.