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Stop! Go! - Can I even think my way out of a paper bag? Nope.
Unhappiness: Part 2 Gerbil Wheel - I was focusing on the problem, not the solution.
Unhappiness: Part 1 The Way Out - What I wanted was for God to solve my unhappiness. When that didn’t happen I did a number of things that made me feel worse!
Hitting The Panic Button - I then did what any self-respecting mom would do. I called the kid.
Poodle or Schnoodle? - So when I feel like barking, it alerts me that something is wrong.
Fear: Courage on Steroids - Don't mess with me, buddy!
Life Is Hard Because… - What is surprising to me, at almost 60, is that all those same character defects that got me in trouble at age 6, still tries to pull me into trouble at this age.
Pain: The Path to Peace - The healing necessary for life's pain comes through taking the 12 steps.
I’m (not) OK, You’re OK - I try to be subtle, find a handy escape route...a way off the party bus.
Step 6: Willingness of a Hobo - I love step 6. It's like getting a new life: