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Pause When Agitated? - As we go through the day we pause when agitated or doubtful, and ask for the right thought or action. Pause. Oh, no. Remember I’m a sprinter? Pauses break my […]
Hanging on Step 11: Hook 2, Experience God’s Love - I have been liberated from some of the bonds of self that kept me telling God what to do!
Hanging on Step 11: Hook 1, Prayer and Meditation - methods named are specifically prayer and meditation
Hanging on Step 11 - There’s a mirror above the hat in this picture. Take a moment to reflect
Help Me VS Gratitude - What is implied by the 'help me'?
A Brain Reboot for the Venomous Virus - I've got several phrases that help me.
Step11: Where Are You From? - Possibly behind the presenting question is the thought: "You're not one of us, are you?" I'm not sure why we react to 'foreigners' this way, but it's human nature to try to align the 'us' from the 'them'. We separate out the locals from the others like sorting through the box of puzzle pieces for the border.
Step 2: AA Drifter Returns to the Bunkhouse of Childhood Faith - I have the clearest memory of childhood discussions and a collection of bunkhouse adventures with God. This skinless friend was more real ...
How Did I Set My Password For AA Serenity? - During early sobriety it seemed that all the characters around the table except me had a secret password that allowed them to log into a new life of peace and serenity. I’d never seen anything like these hooligans.
Step 11: Do You Meditate In Color? - This is my prayer corner. The colored pencils are from Iowa. I bought them at an art supply store when I started coloring during prayer. Bear with me. I can explain...maybe.