Baby Stepping Fourth: Fears Part 1, Columns 1 & 2



Baby Steps of Step 4 Fears, columns 1 & 2

The 4th Step involves taking inventory of:

  • resentments that we hold against people, institutions, and principles
  • fears of two types: losing what we have or not gaining what we want
  • sexual harms and other harms or issues 

What to document

Day 1 Assignment Columns 1 & 2:

  1. List your fears in column 1. 
  2. In column 2 list why you are afraid (what you are afraid might happen or might not happen)

How to document

Dive in, or prepare as you normally do when you face a difficult task. To really uncover what you fear, use questions like the following:

  • What is scary to me?
  • What fears are associated with aging or death?
  • What performance fears do I have (what areas of life do I feel I just cannot accept failure in?)
  • What fears did I bring with me from childhood?
  • I feel tension in my body whenever _________.
  • I have always been afraid to __________.
  • I worry that ________ (any friend or family name) will __________.
  • I dread __________.
  • The recurring thought that hangs over my head like a cloud is __________. Name the fear.
  • When it comes to money, I’m afraid __________.

Why do this?

Neuroscience is proving that our thoughts and subconscious actually affect our bodies in a positive or negative way. FEAR. Negative of course. Giving it space on paper, listing it, is one way to take away the power of fear. Try it. 

Examples of documentation

Fudgesicles and Fear

Links to worksheets

Check the Not So Scary Worksheets Page. Here is the printable Not So Scary Fears Worksheet. You can also use a notebook and make your own columns if you prefer. The Fears worksheet comes after the Not So Scary Resentments Worksheet

When you finish these 2 columns, move on to Part 2 of Fears.