To Quote My Favorite Philosopher, “NIP IT!”

She said, “Heidi, I don’t know why anyone calls you when they’re having problems.”



Help Me VS Gratitude

What is implied by the ‘help me’?

Finding Someone to Sponsor

Asking the right questions

Do You Have the Necessary Tools For Sponsorship?

Should you be a sponsor?

90 Meetings?

Are we keeping the gate closed?

AA Isn’t Therapy

what’s the prize?

Relief or Release?

What do you want?

Welcome To Recovery of Action


Step 8: Amends Preparation Part 2

“A good fight first thing in the morning gets my blood going!”

Step 8: Amends Preparation Part 1

In the sidebar you will find a link to the Amends Chart. Below is a method for preparing what to say when you meet with someone who you need to make an amends to. Simply put, it’s a way to restore relationships that really does work. This is only one suggestion. It works for me. But then again, I love to make amends, so…

What’s This Spiritual Malady?

Sick of the sprees (alcohol, drugs, food, sex, spending, gambling, etc) and wanting something other than defeating obsessions and thoughts of suicide…

Can I Weep With Those Who Weep?

I’m not loving you if I try to brush aside your tears

What Am I Living For?

If you want to identify me, ask me not where I live…

If You’re Doing Fine, Why Try The 12 Steps?

There are many ways to lose yourself, many different paths promising a sense of euphoria, comfort or peace. They’re usually some form of spree…

Step 1: Dangerous Lesson Learned In Kindergarten

A five-year-old’s birthday party set me on the path of spiritual destruction…

Step 1: How Do I Start?

You don’t have to be an addict or even know one to take the 12 Steps

Whad ya mean….Selfish?

Who knew? Not me, not before doing Step 4.

Whad Ya Mean… Self-Seeking?

Like traveling without any running lights…

My Rebel Thoughts Refuse Captivity

Slowly, it’s clicking into place and taking thoughts captive isn’t such a chore.

A Brain Reboot for the Venomous Virus

I’ve got several phrases that help me.

Mocking Bird-Brain

Knowing my brain acts like a Mockingbird, I have cut down on what I pay attention to.

Get Into The Cartoon!

… a typical Saturday with Loony Toons, the two of us in our footie pajamas eating breakfast as we sat so close we were in the action.

Quiet Space in Bright Sunshine

The title phrase is one attributed to Bill W, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. His word picture makes me think of sitting by the embers of a driftwood fire on the beach, turning the… Continue reading

This is a test. This is only a test…right?

If this had been an actual emergency…

Baby Stepping Fourth: Sexual Harms Part 2

We asked God to mold our ideals and help us to live up to them.

Baby Stepping Fourth: Sexual Harms Part 1

We’re ready for the last part of the 4th Step inventory. We will see that some of the things that we have done caused hurt to ourselves and also to other people. If… Continue reading

Baby Stepping Fourth: Fears Part 4, Column 5

Fear feeds on dishonesty.

Baby Stepping Fourth: Fears Part 3, Column 4

Some of us once had great self-confidence, but it didn’t fully solve the fear problem, or any other.

Baby Stepping Fourth: Fears Part 2, Column 3

Or not… your choice.

Baby Stepping Fourth: Fears Part 1, Columns 1& 2

Fears include the things that make me anxious, the things I dread and those that I worry about.

Baby Stepping Fourth: Day 7, Column 5

Finish this, and you’re done with the Not So Scary Resentments Inventory of Step 4.

Baby Stepping Fourth: Day 6, Column 4

We’re listing in column 4 the responses that we’re not proud of.

Baby Stepping Fourth: Day 5, Column 3

The destination is healing and reaching towards the Sunlight of the Spirit.

Baby Stepping Fourth: Day 4, Column 2

We start to separate the action from the person.

Baby Stepping Fourth: Day 3, Column 1 Continued

We bury our resentments.

Baby Stepping Fourth: Day 2, Column 1

Start by listing the people you have resentments against.

Baby Stepping Fourth: Day 1, Get Ready

Using this method, complete your 4th in just 7 days.

Step 10 and the Not So Scary Worksheet Part 2: Henry The VIII

…another opportunity to grow, to become loving and humble like Henry, my dog.

Step 10 and the Not So Scary Worksheet Part 1: Anger is Just the Wrapping

Nearly any day contains prime resentment opportunities.

Clean Sweep

Pick up a broom and give it a whirl!

What Is God’s Will?

I no longer feel I have to ‘prove’ anything to you or to me

Double Overtime

It IS whether you win or lose!

Get Your Feet Off the Wheel, Buddy!

Who’s in the drivers’ seat?

5 Tips for Choosing a Recovery Sponsor

A guide, a mentor, a friend, a BB Nazi… so many choices!

Grandmas and Sponsors

Grandma had a great recipe for bread…

The 12 Step Workout: Use It or Lose It

We are sure God wants us to be happy, joyous and free.

Cupcakes and Sweet Security

A month into Al-Anon I find that I am losing my job.

Not in My Wheelhouse

After cleaning out my wheelhouse I find I’m a little lonely…