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5 Tips for Choosing a Recovery Sponsor - A guide, a mentor, a friend, a BB Nazi... so many choices!
Grandmas and Sponsors - People who are spiritual are helping others and leading interesting lives. They radiate a life-verve that is attractive.
God As We Understood Him - Thinking, learning, figuring things out with my pea brain...
Little Fists Solution - Little Fists happen when I start to criticize myself.
Step 2: Digging From the Quarry of the Past - When I’m digging into the quarry of the past, I’m entering the insanity of mining my history…
Batter-y-up! - Given that the word why is used over 90 times in the Big Book of AA and in the 12x12, I assume it's a big question for a lot of us.
Ask The Right Questions To Get The Right Answers - During my entire life I asked, "What's wrong with me?"
How Can A Church Compete With AA for Acceptance? - Only after forgiving myself and others, can I begin to accept everyone else.
How This Hopeless Alcoholic Found Love - To be disappointed in one's self is to have hoped in one's self.
Steps 2 & 3: Finding My AA Parachute - It's like someone else has my remote!