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Finding Someone to Sponsor - Jot these questions in your cell so you're prepared.
To Quote My Favorite Philosopher, “NIP IT!” - She said, “Heidi, I don’t know why anyone calls you when they're having problems.”
90 Meetings? - Are we keeping the gate closed?
12 Step Programs Aren’t Therapy - Guess what's inside this AA meeting!
Clean Sweep - Pick up a broom and give it a whirl!
The 12 Step Workout: Use It or Lose It - We are sure God wants us to be happy, joyous and free.
Unconflicted and Better Than a Hallelujah - I agree with Chaz and his Unconflicted post. I am unconcerned about Bill’s personal life. He was a tool for getting the Biblical principles into our hands. I was not […]
Victim Veins Revisited - You call it love. For years, all I wrote was bad, tragic and tearful poetry. Then life got better because I got sober and I gave up poetry. Suddenly, this […]
Fear Epiphany: Pieces of My Peace - I had an epiphany yesterday. I’ve recently bought a new fifth wheel and requisite dually. Along with that comes more room to live and more financial pressure. (Did you catch […]