Baby Stepping Fourth: Day 2, Column 1


Baby Steps of Step 4

The work of getting free from the past is difficult but liberating. Day one began with the information on fear that naturally arises and with printing the Not So Scary Resentment Worksheet of Step 4 

What to document

Day 2 Assignment: In column one, list the people associated with negative events or memories.

  • Those who were in a position of authority over you, starting with parents or guardians and progressing toward older relatives, supervisors, landlords, parole officers and anyone you just plain can’t stand!
  • Those who have been partners, spouses, lovers or abusers
  • Those who have been peers: siblings, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, close associates from organizations, social media, or recovery groups
  • Those who are virtual strangers but fit a ‘type’ such as bad drivers, irritating individuals we don’t know but dislike immediately because of the group (ex: wealthy, religious, political affiliation, sexual preference, race, etc.) Basically, anyone, you love to hate.

How to document

For your convenience, use the Not So Scary Resentment Worksheet of Step 4 .This list of individuals from the past and present should be written in the first column. We will be working down the pages, not across.

Hint: leave a couple of lines after each person in case you have more than one issue with that individual. It will help keep your work lined up properly. 

Examples of documentation

Here are some examples from my crazy life, if you need it (or if you’d rather do anything except starting your list.)

Step 4: Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves ~  Alcoholics Anonymous,  p 59

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