Baby Stepping Fourth: Day 1, Get Ready

Take Baby Steps

Baby Steps of Step 4

If I want to change my life and remove obsessive behavior or get unstuck, then I must take the action of the all the Steps. 1 to 3 wasn’t hard for me. But Step 4?  Telling me that I am to do a searching moral inventory of myself is bad enough, but add the admonition to be fearless and… I get scared before I even start.

Face your fear

Many who relapse point a shaky finger at the 4th Step. They link their inability to find emotional sobriety to their reluctance to do a 4th. Fear of the truth actually keeps them from finding freedom from the past.

It’s one thing to fear the truth we may face, but it’s another to fear the process. Perhaps by taking it in small bits — baby stepping the 4th, we can reduce the dread of it. If you take just a few minutes every day, you can use this method to complete your 4th in just 7 days.

Start by printing the form

How would it feel to be finished a week from now? I know it’s possible because the original 12 Steppers routinely completed all 12 Steps in 6 weeks. It was designed to happen like knocking over a row of dominoes, with the momentum gaining towards the last Step and that irrepressible desire to share the miracle of recovery with anyone who would listen.

Day 1 Assignment: Click here for the  Not So Scary Resentment Worksheet

Print several copies of both pages. Or, just use a notebook and draw your own columns using those worksheet headings. All the worksheets are listed below each post.

Ask for help

It is helpful to have a mentor, a guide, or a trusted friend who has gone where you are going. If you are fortunate enough to know someone like this, ask for help. Or, as you go through these baby steps, you can contact me using the form in the menu bar.

Only 6 more days to go!

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