Baby Stepping Fourth: Day 5, Column 3


Baby Steps of Step 4, column 3

The work of the Steps, when done by the book, results in less pain over events of our past. When you finish column 2you have a clear picture of the issues. You start to gain perspective. Next, will dig beneath the emotions and identify the reason behind our reactions.

What to document

Day 5 Assignment: In column 3, list the areas of your life that were threatened or hurt by what happened in column 2.

Choose from the following:

  • self-esteem,
  • security,
  • ambitions,
  • personal relationships and/or sexual relationships

How to document

Does this Not So Scary Resentments Worksheet cause anger, regret,or self-loathing? Of course, it does. But if we want to experience the healing aspects of this work, we must turn a deaf ear to the mind. It will tell you that this is too hard, or too painful or even ask, what’s the point?

Why do this?

The point is healing and reaching towards the Sunlight of the Spirit. The point is setting to rest all the resentments of the past that block us from God. For years, we’ve been burying a semi-load of foul memories that should never have found a final resting place within. That load is the reason we continue to react, defend, avoid and numb out. Therefore, finish column 3.

Don’t quit. We’re more than halfway done when you complete this! If you have questions or comments, contact me with the form in the sidebar.

Note: When you finish the entire column 3, try making slash marks by each of the 5 topic areas. One slash for each time it’s listed. From the 2 examples above, I had 2 slashes for self-esteem and two for personal relationships. By tallying them, I found there was a pattern. I cared how I looked to others and I cared about people and their opinions.

Examples of documentation

Your results will be different, so reflect on what you learn. As I grow spiritually, these areas do not drive my behavior as much. I’m more free to be led by His will instead of my own. The sense of peace is incredible!

Visit Step 4: Column 3 Buddy Burner in the Gut, for my detailed example.

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