Laugh Like a Kid. Life Is Short

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What do you say to someone who says, “I tried those 12 Step meetings. They didn’t work for me.”  Take a deep breath…Ask, “Which kind of meetings were they?”

There are discussion meetings, topic meetings, promises meetings, Grapevine meetings, special group meetings, speaker meetings, Big Book meetings, Traditions meetings, and Step meetings to name a few. All of the meetings are then further divided into open meetings (open to everyone) or closed meetings.

I can lie in a ditch with road kill. Doesn’t make me one. It’s good for a laugh, but I’m not going back unless I see myself growing from the experience. I used to think that I should support those groups by going to them and using the book to supplement my short comments, thereby inspiring people to go back to the real program. Nope. Attendance equals support. I don’t support any meeting that doesn’t focus on the program (read book and step work).

I can go to a text-based meeting and learn so much that I get hopeful about life and stop wanting to get hit by that truck! The decision is important.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”~ Mahatma Gandhi

Don’t fall for that 90 meetings in 90 days myth. (Read more)