Relationship Issue Has You Stumped?



This is true.

There was a woman who found out from her mom that she’d been disinherited and the topic was skirted over like it shouldn’t be any big deal.

Her whole perspective on the mother-daughter relationship shifted. Was she no longer part of the family? Disinherited?  That’s the bad news, maybe.

She tearfully called her little brother because a long time ago she’d promised to split her portion of this future inheritance with him.

He laughed. “I wouldn’t have taken money anyways, so get over it.”  She hadn’t let him down. Good news, almost.

“It still hurts,” she admitted. “You might not want the money, and I don’t care about that either, but I feel totally rejected. I mean, disinherited. Really?”

“Hey, Sis. You’re lookin’ at this all wrong. I know ya got binoculars, right? It’s like yur focused so hard on this… you don’t see anything else. So take the binocs, turn em around and look at all this stuff through the big end.”

“See how tiiiiiny this problem looks now?

“Now grab yur heftiest axe, stand in front of yur wood splittin’ stump, drop the binocs on it, and chop until all ya got is shards of glass and metal. Recycle or sell as scrap. End of problem.”

This is good news. Why? Because it worked. The relationship with her mom was quickly restored. Very good news.


*Tip #1: Maybe you have problems, too. If you can apply this method metaphorically, it will cost you nothing except a bit of egoic pride. If not, buy toy binoculars by the case. You’re gonna want em.

Tip #2: Expectations are ruinous to relationships. Acceptance of people and their quirks saves you time and binoculars.

*Tip #3: Eventually, all of our problems could lead to fresh air, chopping work and stronger muscles. The more often we can chop issues arising from pride and ego, the happier we’re gonna be!

*Bonus: a tinier ego means less drama! Fast forward – issues are not necessarily bad news. Well, unless you didn’t buy the binoculars, of course.